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Jade Massaging Comb 8 x 5.5 cm


Jade Guasha Facial Massager Tool and Gua Sha Comb – Best Scalp Scratcher and Stone Massager – Guasha stone for Headache Relief

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Featuring ultra hard-wearing jade stone for super smooth results, this unique and versatile massaging gua sha stone comb is designed to be used all over the body. Use it to relieve aches and pains, give yourself a facial massage or simply pamper your partner.
This Jade Massaging Gua Sha Stone Comb is Ideal for creating friction on sore or stiff muscles to hasten healing or for general massage. The original jade stone massager the perfect therapeutic, traditional medicine, and self-care tool.

• Jade Stone Comb
• Perfect for Gua Sha Therapy
• Body Massage Comb
• Acupuncture Multi Tool
• Deep Massage Comb

Approximate size: 8.5 x 5.5 cm

* Due to its natural formation of the stone, each piece has its own character and may differ in size, shape and colour from the items showed on the pictures.
Please avoid dropping the stone as it may break.


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