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Gua Sha Scraper Rose Quartz 8 x 5.5 cm


Stone Massager Scraping Face Tool – Natural Stone Guasha – Gua Sha Scraper Pink Quartz Jade Scraping Board

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In the ancient Chinese practice of gua sha, also known as smear rubbing or scraping therapy is used to clear stagnation and restore harmony to the body by helping relieve pain, soften hardened layers of skin or tissues, and promote better blood flow and oxygenation. The basic procedure involves using smooth, round-tipped boards to gently scrape away skin, drawing blood to the surface for healing.

It helps improve the blood circulation in your body and speeds up the metabolism of fat to lose weight. The massage makes your skin smoother and firmer; it helps to eliminate toxins and wastes from your body.

• Used for centuries in Oriental Medicine Treatment
• Helps eliminate toxins and wastes from the body
• Speeds up metabolism of fat to lose weight
• Helps Improve blood circulation
• Massage makes skin smoother and firmer

Approximate size: 8 x 5 cm

*Due to the nature of the material, each item has its own character and may differ in size, shape and colour from the items showed on the pictures.

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