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Resin Comb 2381


Acetate Resin Comb Wide Tooth Extra Thick and Sturdy – Rounded Tips Scratch Free Comb for Everyday Use Natural Plastic Alternative Hair Comb

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Thicker than regular combs make it sturdy and easier to tame thick and curly hair. Perfect for every day combing and hair styling and its lightweight and has rounded tips to prevent scratching. This comb features smooth tapered teeth that glide through hair with ease.

Acetate Comb is a traditional comb that uses hard, durable cellulose acetate resin. It is beige and has a clear shine. Its durability makes it a long-lasting product that will keep you from needing to buy multiple combs. The slim design of this comb allows it to fit into bigger bags or pockets. Both men and women can use a Cellulose Acetate Comb.

  • Extra thick and sturdy comb
  • Natural Plastic Alternative
  • Made from cellulose acetate
  • Suitable for combing wet hair
  • Rounded tips for comfortable combing

Approximate size: 16×6 cm

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Weight 50 g