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Set of 4 Tooth Brushes


Set of 4 Natural Tooth Brushes with Soft Non-Toxic Bristles for Gentle Tooth Cleaning – Environment Friendly and Plastic Free Toothbrush


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Set of 4 Bamboo toothbrushes with soft non-toxic bristles that prevent gum scratches and gum bleeding. Comfortably brush your teeth reaching every corner of your mouth. Zero waste and eco-friendly alternative to plastic tooth brushes.

  • Soft bristle tooth brush made with natural biodegradable bamboo – gentle tooth cleaner with antimicrobial handle
  • Eco friendly and biodegradable – bamboo tooth brush is 100% natural and materials are supplied from sustainable bamboo farms
  • easy to use – use the same method just like a traditional toothbrush, no need to dry the bamboo handle after use
  • Soft, non-toxic bristles – bristles are made with high quality soft nylon, which is perfect for removing plaque from your teeth
  • Healthy and durable – bamboo handle is stronger than wood and will not splinter. bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties
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